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Oregon Water Resource Department
     Two raw water sources supply the 500,000 gpd (347 gpm) water treatment plant.
Reedy Creek intake located approximately 1 mile upstream (Yachats River) from the treatment plant is the
current primary raw water source.
Salmon Creek, which flows through the treatment plant site, is used to supplement Reedy Creek flows when
demand requires.
   The treatment facility is designed for the removal of color and turbidity. It provides a high quality finished
water for potable domestic and commercial consumption.
   The treatment process is intended to be a semi-automatic, non-modulating, gravity flow operation.
Treatment is based on rapid mixing, coagulation, flocculation, and gravity sedimentation occurring in the
circular solids-contact clarifier.  Following clarification in the solids-contact clarifier, the water is filtered
through high-rate, multi-media (silica gravel/garnet gravel/sand/anthracite  coal) filters.  In the event of a
power failure, all valves and controls are designed for return to a fail-safe position. Normal treatment
operations resume upon return to normal domestic power.
           Clarifier operations are provided in a circular concrete structure located outside the building
enclosure and is open to the atmosphere.   All plant functions other than clarification occur within the
building structure including filtration, chemical feed, chlorination, turbidity monitoring, pumping, and control.   
A laboratory with quality control panel, and separate equipment, storage, chemical feed/storage.
Water Audits
Oregon Health Authority
Drinking Water
Access to safe drinking water is essential to human health.

The City of Yachats Water Department keeps drinking water safe for Yachatians.
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